Important ways a smartphone can improve your finances

Your phone is not only meant to keep memories and make calls. With the improvements in mobile technology being done every day, your phone activities can help improve how you think and behave when it comes to money matters. If you want to be financially mature, here are some simple ways in which that small shiny gadget in your hands can help put your finances in order.


Your smartphone is a great asset that can work miracles when it comes to your finances, and it’s made it a lot easier to budget. Remember, without a deliberate and specific goal for your budget, what you draft will remain irrelevant if you do not have enough motivation to follow it up. What’s worse, you might fall into the cycle of going to work, earning and spending. That’s why you need to make that Galaxy you have your companion. First, you can set up reminders of your weekly or monthly budget every time you visit the mall to avoid impulsive buying and overspending.
Better yet, you can download budgeting apps like the money manager. With such an app, you can create a comprehensive budget with only a few taps on your phone. Additionally, these apps will also help you monitor your spending. For instance, an app such as level money will actually send you notifications that sound like, “you have $300 more spendable dollars this month” Therefore, be smart and get yourself a money app right now! Simply go to the web and search for one that is appealing to you.
Get a cell phone plan
Mobile phones have become an essential part of us. They’re basically our cameras, banks, and computers. In a modern world, living without as smartphone is next to impossible. Everything we do today is tied to the web and thus to the mobile. Unfortunately, this has led to high soaring prices. It is difficult to purchase a good handset without breaking the bank. What’s worse, you can only enjoy quality video calls and clear images on a high-end mobile phone.
But here are some good news for you. You no longer have to drain your bank account just to get a phone. Simply, sign up for a mobile contract. With a contract, you can get the phone for free and get to pay for it later in monthly instalments. Additionally, it comes with a monthly subscription of data, SMS and minutes you do not have to spend more money on credit! If you haggle well for a good deal, you could land yourself a cheap one with low APR rates and end up saving a good amount. Additionally, as a loyal customer, you are up for promotions and discounts.

Take advantage of social networks
You are not alone in your struggle to be financially independent. Millions of people all over the world keep trying every day. Some have succeeded while others are still trying. Whatever position you may be in, ensure you share experiences with other people and use them to learn simple ways you can improve your own finances. Use your phone to surf and research extensively. Alternatively, if you need a tutor, enrol in an online class and learn about money even when stuck in traffic or from the comfort of your home. After all, the other person doesn’t know you, so you can openly interact.